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The Dining Room

We have a less formal approach to dining nowadays: meals are eaten around the kitchen bench, on the coffee table, or more often than not, off our laps in font of the TV. For some, sitting at the dining table each night is still regarded as an essential part of life; for others the dining table functions as a place to eat meals, work and sort out the bills, and is only cleared off when friends come over. For those living in apartments or small houses, the dining and living areas may be combined, or perhaps there isn't room for a table at all.

If you do have a dining area in your home, whether its a separate room or part of your living area, the key element here is to create a welcoming space where you and your partner, housemates or guests will want to linger.

Check out some of our favorite dining spaces we have created over the years and our inspiration behind the space:

Practical Luxury

Using the black and blue hues to create a welcoming and calm environment. Using velvet material for the dining chairs enhances the luxury feeling of the space.

Easy Sea Breezy

Using the environmental hues of blue and white to transfer the exterior into the home, we were inspired to create a dining space that welcomed a relaxing dining Hamptons experience.

Formal Country

We were inspired by the practicality of the space and the ability to implement a large dining table. There is nothing this family loved more than having nightly family dinners.

If you are now inspired to change up your space, check out our online store for some amazing pieces to implement in your dining room or alternatively contact one of our talented interior designers for assistance on creating the perfect space.

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