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Design Trends for Spring 2022

Updated: Oct 25, 2022

As the warm air slowly returns and the sun stays out a little longer each night, we are feeling the beautiful shift from Winter into Spring. Along with the change in weather, Spring brings with it new design trends for your home, helping you create bold and beautiful statement opportunities throughout your spaces and fostering a sense of warmth and relaxation. Read on to see some of the ways that you can transform and revamp your home this Spring.

Bold Botanicals

Bringing the outdoors in is something we specialise in here at Splendour and we can't complete a project without ensuring the use of bold botanicals somewhere in the space. Whether they are brought in through rugs, wallpapers, fabrics or decor, they are sure to be a wow factor in any home and create a fun and playful concept. Bright colours evoke a sense of Spring and help to make you feel at peace within a space. We recommend looking into Catherine Martin's beautiful designs as shown below for some of our favourite botanical prints. Organise a viewing at our design studio to see some of these stunning prints and ask us how you can use these in your home.

Bright Colours

Spring 2022 is all about bright colours and warm tones. Bringing these into your home through a fresh coat of paint is sure to reinvent a space and create a bold statement. Whether you're daring enough to paint a whole room or would prefer to only paint a feature wall, we recommend checking out Dulux's range of Seasonal Trends as shown below. These colours are fresh and fun, and will surely bring out your inner child!

Curved Furniture

It's no secret, curved furniture is here and it's set to stay! Spring is the perfect time to showcase curves throughout your home due to the reflection of curves throughout nature... think of the petals of a flower or the ripples of the sea. Soft curves create a sense of calm and peace, helping your home to appear inviting and relaxing. Using curves in furniture adds another element of texture to your home, creating a sense of depth throughout your decor. We recommend picking pieces that are fun yet durable, such as a sturdy dining table or unique armchairs. One of our favourite suppliers is Globe West who are masters in creating beautiful curved furniture. Be sure to check out some of their ranges as pictured below. If you are interested in any pieces by Globe West, be sure to contact our studio to help you out.


You're probably over us speaking about biophilia by now, but we can't stress enough the benefits of bringing nature into your home. As humans, we are designed to be immersed in nature and what better time of the year to celebrate the outdoors than Spring? We recommend starting small... incorporate some easy-to-maintain pot plants throughout your home, maybe some succulents, and once you start to feel more comfortable, go daring and transform your home into a jungle! Not only do plants cleanse the air, making our homes healthier for us, but immersing ourselves in plants also has significant health benefits, such as lower blood pressure, reduced stress levels and a higher sense of well-being. And if you don't have a green thumb, be sure to visit us in-store at Splendour Living to see our large range of faux plants.

Spring 2022 gives you the opportunity to be playful with your home, bringing out your inner child. We recommend playing with colour and texture and creating a space that feels fitting for your personality and lifestyle. If you would like any assistance with the styling and decorating of your home, be sure to contact Splendour Interiors to help you create the home of your dreams!

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