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An Interior Designers Mind | The Michelia Club House

We were really excited when Harrington Grove asked us to design their third club house in the Michelia Estate. Joining forces with Energy Efficient Homes, The Michelia Club was designed exclusively for residents with a resort feel in mind, boasting three generous seating areas, multipurpose function room, fully equipped gymnasium and resort style pool and grounds. The design of the building itself takes cues from Tuscan design style, with decorative turrets and formwork, centralising a grand entrance foyer.

The aim of our involvement in this commercial club was to provide Harrington Grove with a design that reaches the optimum balance of visual character, function, flexibility and cost effectiveness while still creating an ambience and overall harmony that blends with the surrounds of the environment to create the ultimate design solution.

From the Ground Up | The Architectural Process

Putting pen to paper, Jack was inspired by the environmental cues to design a building that boasted a feeling of inclusivity and grandeur for the Harington Grove community. With the purpose of this building to bring the community of Harrington Grove together, the design was focused on practicality and functionality, ensuring each space could be used to the full extent. Whilst the practicality of the building to be of importance, the overall design features, aka 'look' of the building, is what would bring people to the Club House and share the space with their family and friends. With this in mind, the building was designed to inspire residents through the grandeur of feature stone to the front entry facade; floor to ceiling windows overlooking the resort style landscape; and an open plan communal space featured with a large fire-place allowing the community to bond together.

Front Elevation

3D Model Designs

Rendered Images

"The Michelia Club is well-equipped for the convenience of all residents, acting as the perfect place to catch up, take a break and truly be a part of the Harrington Grove community. Michelia Club reflects the class, style and amenity of the Harrington Grove Country Club. It is a warm and welcoming venue that is stylishly decorated and meticulously planned, making it both beautiful and functional." - Harrington Grove Executive Team

Energy Efficient Homes Design & Construction Pty Ltd is dedicated to innovative design and construction. We are experienced in designing quality homes and community spaces using energy efficient ideas that will help to both retain and increase their value in the future. Our special design features include using natural elements to the greatest advantage, while still creating attractive and functional homes to suit the clients needs both now and in the future.

From the Ground Up | The Interior Design Process

A palate of rich colour tones and textures was created to give a 5 star oasis feel, with parquetry flooring, patterned wallpaper, custom made furniture and accent lighting. As Interior Designer's we pick everything including the kitchen sink and we were so excited to have a blank canvas to work with and do our magic.

The colours chosen focused on picking tones of the surrounding bushland to provide a timeless feel with the exterior building. An example of this was using a colour such as ‘Osso Bucco’ for the rendered exterior walls to pick up the caramel tones of the tree stumps. Using a black skillion roof and window trimmings made the exterior colour chosen stand out.

When choosing the finishes of the design, we were inspired by the Tuscan resorts you would be exposed to, travelling through the vineyards of Italy. Using natural elemental features such as a stoned fire-place, parquetry flooring, and industrial light fixtures, we were able to combine various styles to create a timeless design that was practical for communal use as well as beautiful to all who visited.

Concept board

Professional Photos

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