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An Interior Designers Mind | Project Harrington Grove

We have had the pleasure to work with our client for over 15 years. This is our third project together and we have to say it has been an absolute pleasure to work with him. He has an incredible and sophisticated style that shines throughout his home. We are thankful to our client, as he is one that allows us as interior designers to dare to be different.


Our client was inspired by a tropical holiday he went on. He came back to us with a brief of wanting to incorporate this 'holiday' feeling into his new home. Bringing the outside in, we were inspired to design a home where our client felt like he was on holidays all the time. Additionally, as designers we had to make sure that the space was practical and efficiently designed for a young family to live in.


The entry to your home is a reflection of your personality and is the first impression that your guests will have as they enter. We wanted this space to feel welcoming,warm and unique in every way. We have incorporated artwork with a tropical aesthetic and a beautiful chandelier to illuminate the room and create a grand entrance. We suggested a round black table which is situated in the center of the room, creating a sense of rhythm in the space, along with your timber slat ceiling detail.


The family room is a place where you devote a lot of time entertaining your family and friends therefore you want it to be a space you love spending time in. We have created an inviting and practical space with accents of green to create a tropical, modern feel and a beautiful art silk rug to define the space and convey a sensation of warmth that creates a welcoming home environment.


For the kitchen, scullery and pantry we have incorporated different materials and finishes throughout the space by using the simplicity of the extreme silver tile in contrast with the textural sassafras timber, black grain cabinetry and stainless steel. This overall aesthetic is modern and bespoke and will continue to hold its beautiful bold and luxurious look for years to come.

For this dining area we have taken a more modern approach. We have introduced a luxurious black dining table with a raw edge. To compliment the table we have suggested blue velvet chairs which adds a pop of colour throughout the space. The feature pendant over the dining table is a sculptural piece that will create interest and will become a talking point when guests enter your home.


We have chosen matte black fixtures and fittings throughout your master ensuite with accents of rose gold. We have introduced a decorative chandelier that will hang over your bath and add a spectacular spread of light throughout the room . We have introduced a solid teak stool that will sit beside your bath and act as a bench where you can place your soaps and lastly a faux palm to bring some of the greenery outside your window in.


We painted the exterior white and used a black roof with timber posts to tie in some dramatic contrasts. We were absolutely in love with the finishing product.

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