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Sleep your way to better Health

Photo Credit: Kinga Cichewicz

Achieving a good night’s sleep is incredibly important for your health, in fact, it's on the same level of importance as eating healthy and exercising. Sleep is a big part of the human experience and ideally, we spend about one-third of our lives asleep. In the last decade there has been a massive wave of new research that has looked into the benefit of sleep. Simply put, the more you sleep the longer your life... or alternatively, the words of Matthew Walker in his book Why We Sleep: Unlocking the Power of Sleep and Dreams “the shorter your sleep, the shorter your life".

So let's look at the researched benefits of sleep:

  • Improved immune system | You are less likely to catch viruses and colds if you get an adequate amount of sleep. Check out Claire Harris blog post Everything You Need to Know About Sleep for further insight on what adequate sleep looks like.

  • Improved mood | Research has noted a positive correlation with reduced anxiety levels in those who achieve good quality sleep [1].

  • Weight Control | Research has shown that people who lack restful sleep have reduced levels of leptin, the hormone that makes you feel satiated and full [2].

As interior designers we help our clients design their bedrooms to achieve the maximum amount of sleep possible. We have listed some key points we consider when putting a bedroom scheme together:

Furniture Selection:

  • Big Ticket Items | Your bed needs to be one of the first things you buy. When buying a bed, it's a good idea to invest in a mattress that feels comfortable and is suitable to your biological structure as it will have a huge impact on your quality of sleep. Speak with your medical professionals for further recommendations on mattresses selections perfect for your body.

  • Secondary Items | Once the bed is in place, choose your rugs, armchairs and bed ottomans to complement your style. Opt for mid-range here - you don't need to spend a fortune on these things. Contact one of our talented team members for assistance on how to best furnish your bedroom.

  • Finishing Touches | Save on the smaller items such as bedside lamps, cushions and artwork... these are things that can be replaced in a few years down the track when you are ready for style change. Contact one of our talented team members for assistance on how to best style your bedroom.

Bedroom Focal Points:

Bedheads are the most obvious focal point of your bedroom and your options here are almost endless. You can choose a grand bed with a built-in bedhead, or perhaps even a four-poster or canopy bed. Typically, you want your bedhead to be at least 150c high, but ceiling height may affect your choices. If you have tall ceilings you may choose to go for a higher bedhead, however if your ceilings are low, a tall bedhead may over crowd the bedroom.

Furniture Placement:

If you speak with our Director Marilyne, she will always say the most important bedroom furniture placement is your bed. She recommends to always have a solid wall behind your bed, and not under a window, however a high skylight above the bed is okay. Depending on the orientation and design of your bedroom, if possible, do not place the foot of the bed facing the bedroom door as this can induce a restless night sleep and in feng shui is referred to as the coffin position.


Getting the lighting right in your bedroom is rather important! We recommend 'warm light' in the bedroom especially as they are subtle and creates a nice romantic mood.

Window Treatments:

For light-sensitive sleepers, getting your bedroom window treatments sorted is a top priority. A room that is too light at night can result in poor-quality sleep. Good quality curtains help to insulate the room, keeping it warmer in winter and cooler in summer Curtains also have the ability to soften and dress up a bedroom.

If privacy is an issue, think about installing a double-track curtain rail. A sheer curtain at the back will control natural light in the day and provide some privacy, while allowing you to draw blackout curtains in the front while sleeping.

A touch of Nature:

Bedroom plants can do more than just make your shelves look brighter. They can also boost your mood, enhance your creativity, reduce your stress levels, increase your productivity, naturally filter air pollutants, and much more. Not only do bedroom plants have many health benefits, but they also add a nice touch of decor and bright energy to any indoor space. Some key bedroom plants recommended include:

  • Snake Plant - Filters indoor air during the day and night

  • Heart Leaf Philodendron - Absorbs formaldehyde from the air

  • English Ivy - Rids indoor air of toxins

  • Aloe Vera - Filters indoor air during the day and night

  • Rubber Plant - Improve indoor air quality by absorbing airborne chemicals

Bedrooms are your space of sanctuary, calm and harmony. It is the first place you wake up to which sets the mood for the day and it's the last place where you go to at the end of a long day - Marilyne Estephan
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