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Finding your Statement Piece

As some may say there is no place like home and no matter where you are around the world, your home is always going to be where the heart is. Each person's home is special for reasons only they would know, whether it be for the creeks that are heard around the home when you step on the rustic floorboards or the special bond made with a particular couch in your living room, no matter the reason it will always draw you back home. At Splendour Interiors, our goal is to continue this feeling of always drawing you back to your home no matter where you are.

The dining table you choose to have in your house is the one that will bring your family closer, it’s where you eat your cooked meals as a family, share how each persons day was and tell stories that make you laugh and stories that will make you cry. The dinning table you choose has to be special to who your family is. At Splendour we have recently received our customer made dinning set that would make any room a standout. The crushed velvet dinning chairs with a black stained dinning table creates a welcoming and warm space that would help create those special memories that any family would care to have.

Much like needing a statement piece for a dinning room, comfort is something that all individuals want and need, it is the reason they come home from work and not do anything but relax. As designers this thought has crossed our minds many times and we needed to create something that not only makes it a statement piece but a piece of comfort and relaxation. Our Daybeds are exactly what any person would want to come home to and just sit and watch their favourite show or read their favourite book.

At splendour we aim to help you find a statement piece that will help create long lasting memories and make you feel comfortable in your own home. As designers we are here to assist and guide you in making the correct decision in choosing the right colour, material and style that suits your personality.

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