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Creating A Sanctuary Of Your Own - Bedroom Edition

In many ways the bedroom is the most important space in the house. With the timely demands of our busy digital world, the need for good quality rest more apparent than ever. With a well rested body and mind, research has shown improvement to concentration and productivity as well as immune functioning and mental health. Creating a bedroom sanctuary that encourages rest and sleep is vital for optimal wellbeing.

Creating a space that feels beautiful and calm isn’t just about the aesthetic, it's about the feeling that you bring into your home and routine. We have compiled a list of bedroom essentials that we as Designers ensure is included when designing a bedroom for our clients.

Sleep Promoting Colour Scheme

Colour schemes can have a drastic effect on your ability to feel rested. Whilst you may believe it's nice to include bright, vibrant colours to create a fun and lively room, especially if they are your favourite colours, it can actually have a determinantal effect on your ability to sleep. Instead, try soothing neutral colours which are more likely to promote a peaceful atmosphere. You most definitely do not need to abandon bright colours completely, you can still use them as accents on accessories like pillows or artwork in your space.

Beware of Electronics

Electronics are becoming a staple of everyday life, and having them in the bedroom might be something you want to reconsider, as the blue light radiating from these devices can negatively impact your sleep. Whilst we all love to watch our favourite show to wind down of an evening, we highly recommend this to be in your living room, NOT your bedroom. In order to create a peaceful sanctuary you want to limit the amount of technology you use in that room.

Ignite Your Senses - Light A Candle

Curating an experience in a space is all about igniting the senses, and a candle is the perfect way to bring your favorite scent into a room. Something about a candle creates a warm ambient feeling to any space, and we recommend them in nearly every room.

Bringing In Some Life

Greenery and florals can bring so much life into any space, and it’s the perfect way to introduce a subtle or if you are really keen, bold bright colour to your styling. In the bedroom, we love adding a vase of flowers or a plant on the nightstand or dresser, or even a tree for texture. Check out our blog post on the health benefits of plants in your home.

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