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The Australian climate can seem more like a curse than a blessing when summer hits its peak, bringing 40+ temperatures and heat waves. In order to try and beat the heat we put the air-condition on, close the blinds and hibernate in the cool. However, there are plenty of ways to stay cool and enjoy the summer without having to be locked away in the air-conditioning.

Embracing smart interior design, we have come up with a few tips to knock a few degrees off the thermometer and help your household breathe easy.

1. Shade the light

Keep out that hot sunlight by installing cool-coloured shutters, blinds and drapes. Make sure your east-facing windows are covered in the morning and west-facing windows are covered in the afternoon. This is a critical step and has the most dramatic effect on room temperature. Beautiful Linen blinds are the perfect option to add a sense of ease to the home and really lighten up the space. They are also the perfect option to blind out the summer heat without completely blocking the beautiful sunshine.

2. Go Green

Did you know plants help cool homes and circulate more oxygen? Greenery is often underutilised in interior design, however have such an incredible effect if implemented within the home. After all, plants are Mother Nature’s favourite décor. Place a few pot plants around major living spaces and reap the benefits. Take advantage of their vibrant colours, scents and heat-repelling qualities.

3. Take it off

During cooler months we love layers, but every season requires a few logical tweaks to your home’s design. Summer is definitely the time to strip the floors of those heavy heat-retaining shaggy rugs. Allow your floorboards to breathe. Or if you prefer a floor covering, try natural fibres such as sisal which is breathable and thin, allowing drafts to flow. You’ll notice the difference. Put those heavy rugs away and it will sure to knock a few degrees off the room temperature, as well as providing a quick and easy visual change.

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